Even the fittest hunters and the most hard-working people returned home differently at the end of their arduous days, if the woman who nurtured the warmth of the home surrounded them with love and care. That's why we thought that, in addition to our traditional products that primarily appeal to men, we would also give space to women's energies in the selection of our modern webshop.

When creating the unique antler and mineral jewelry, we stayed close to nature, but in every case we dressed the idea and the design world in a modern dress, so these meticulously crafted, fine jewelry can be stylish accessories for modern women, both on weekdays and on festive occasions.

Special healing energy has been attributed to minerals since ancient times, and in some cultures they are endowed with magical powers. We combined this ancient world of belief with modern jewelry-making techniques to show how tradition lives on and is integrated into our present.

Jewelry and pocket knives made only from excellent materials
Ladies are happy to wear our special handmade jewelry. They perfectly complement everyday wear, but they also enhance the shine of their appearance on special occasions. Lovers of classic elegance will find something to their liking on our knife webshop as well as those who prefer a more modern, trendy style.

An antler or mineral jewelry is an ideal choice for any festive occasion, so if you would like to surprise your loved one or the female members of your family with something special, you should visit us. Each of our pendants is unique, but no two of our handmade cord bracelets are alike.

Take a look at our impressive product range and add as many great jewelry, practical knives or pocket knives to your virtual basket as possible! If you choose us, you can choose from several delivery and payment options.