Leather goods

Being the owner of the selected pocket knife is a joy and pride, but also a responsibility, since in addition to its maintenance, you must also ensure its proper placement. If the knife rests somewhere on the dust, it gets damaged more easily and time leaves its mark sooner.

An elegant pocket knife requires similarly tasteful packaging, so smooth or decorated knives made of genuine leather are an ideal choice. In our webshop, you can choose the right one for your knife from cases of different sizes and shapes. Cowhide guarantees durability. For our customers with a more puritanical taste, we recommend unadorned pieces, while for our customers with a more modern style, we recommend patterned pieces.

In addition to knife cases, you can also choose from high-quality cowhide leather cases, but our hunting dagger case with an elegant and decorative appearance is also looking for an owner.

A pocket knife for a birthday or other special occasion
A pocket knife with a sophisticated design, made by hand, is also a great choice as a gift. If there is someone among our loved ones or close acquaintances whom we know for sure would treasure and appreciate a knife, we should surprise them with one on the next special occasion. The surprise will be complete when we give not only the pocket knife itself as a gift, but also a case made of genuine leather that matches it perfectly.

If we do it this way, we don't even have to bother with fancy packaging, because a tasteful leather case creates this effect in itself. But it is not only a showy, practical idea to present a case for the selected pocket knife. If we want the beloved knife to serve its owner for a long time, we should also think about its proper storage.

In our webshop, you can find knife cases made of real cowhide in various sizes, shapes and decorations. As a ready-made maker, I can also help you find the ideal knife, which is guaranteed to give you pleasure - feel free to contact me!