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I am László Papp, a knife maker.

I learned the basics of the profession from my father, who, as a self-employed person, mainly made kitchen knives from 1980. Later, pocket knives and hunting knives were added to our products. After completing my studies, since 1989, I have been doing this beautiful but not easy craft full-time.

The pocket knife is still a popular old-fashioned tool
Nowadays, the revival of our traditions and folk culture, the rediscovery of our traditional tools are becoming more and more popular. One example of this is the growing interest in traditional Hungarian pocket knives. More and more people feel compelled to own such a handcrafted product. Those who have tried it once, definitely state (which I can only confirm) that the wall tastes different when cut with a traditional knife.

Their names often refer to their shape, such as a head curve. In other cases, however, the method of use is the name giver, see: bacon maker. There is also an example that it got its name from the knife makers. This is how the name nader came about. Certain professions and trades also contributed to the diversity of names. The shepherd's knife, nail clipper and pruning knife are proof of this. In addition to these, there are also mascara, cakli, oval, sailor and harvester knives
Modern industrial art: tradition infused with innovation
Making such a pocket knife requires a lot of patience, expertise, creativity and humility towards the profession - it is not for nothing that knife makers call this the pinnacle of the profession. No two knives are the same, there are always different problems, the solution of which requires constant attention and perseverance.

The preparation method basically follows the old traditions, but of course today's technological development can also be found during the process. However, this does not detract from the artisanal character, as only a part of the laborious physical work can be made easier in this way. The professionalism of the design and the detail and precision of the implementation cannot be replaced by anything.

Since I am quite an experimental type, the idea of ​​combining the traditional world of shapes with the modern mechanical structure did not let me rest. This is how the medium-lock large-head knife was born, of which I made the very first one. This was followed by the mascara pocket knife with the same locking mechanism, also pioneering.

Classics and special cutting tools from our knife webshop
A knife is an invaluable tool without which our lives would be unimaginable. But delicious snacks require careful preparation, so we should invest in high-quality utensils that we can count on at any time. In the high-quality knife range of our online store, the interested party can only find products that provide reliable assistance from one to one and make life easier during everyday life.
As a knife maker who continues the craft as a generational heritage, I know the tricks of the trade and the secret of outstanding knives. The cutting tools in our knife webshop meet the strictest quality requirements: they are made of exceptional materials, sufficiently hard, edge-holding and razor-sharp, well-balanced, and provide a comfortable grip.

It is difficult to create something "permanent" in the art of cooking, as delicious dishes are known for quickly disappearing from the plate. At the same time, kitchen tools are not without weight in the success of the prepared food, so the role of knives is also important, since they are used to cut, chop and slice the raw material to a sufficient fineness. Good advice to take to heart as a regular cook and wooden spoon twirler at home: under no circumstances should you cook lecho without excellent kitchen knives! We offer users knives with injection molded plastic handles for meat processing and kitchen use. The special feature of the handle is a rubberized plastic composed based on its own recipe, which provides better grip during use. And if you are looking for a reliable tool for meat processing, you should choose from our professional butcher knives.
Various cutting tools are also made for hunters. The hunting knives are designed with a rear lock, which can also be ordered with a bone saw if required. While the design of traditional knives has certain stylistic features, their design reflects my own ideas. Of course, fixed hunting knives cannot be missing from our knife webshop.

We also offer handcrafted jewelry in our online store. These are all my wife's creations. The raw materials used include various minerals and deer antlers. The antler pendants are encrusted with Swarovski crystals, thus offering a unique look.

Don't look at the price of a pocket knife as a gift!
Cutting tools have long been in the crosshairs of beliefs. Perhaps one of the most well-known has put knives on the forbidden list in terms of gifts, because according to popular belief, they cut off relationships. Despite this, the gifting of knives, daggers, swords, and pocket knives has a rich tradition and historical past, as rulers and princes were often surprised with the noble gift
As a knife maker, I am particularly pleased that the gifting of traditional pocket knives is experiencing a renaissance today. The attention to detail, the graceful but hard steel blade, the sharp handle and the fine aesthetic features reflect the value of traditional processing. There is no doubt that a handmade knife is a rare and special gift - dare to surprise your partner and loved ones with it! And if we are superstitious, there is an antidote for that too: just ask the recipient for a small coin, so it is considered a "bought" product and bad luck will avoid our relationship from afar.

We trust that all of our visitors will find handicraft products that suit their tastes and needs in our knife webshop, and that they will enjoy using them.

We also guarantee the knives and blades.

In case of structural failure, the repair is free of charge within 5 years from the date of purchase.

Edge wear is not covered by the warranty.

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